Administration (HRMIS)

HRMIS stands for Human Resource Management Information system. It is one of a kind of software designed by NHA team, targeting specifically employee managemnt as per organizational need.It covers all aspects of human resource management from the appointment of employees until they retire or their contracts expire.
Its Executive Dashboard gives the information to the higher management on just a few clicks on ‘Need to Know’ basis and enables them to monitor NHA strength, Recruitments done in the selected year, postings & transfers, local & foreign trainings, ACRs’ remaining, transport & medical expenses and ongoing major & minor inquiries. So they make the right decision at the right time.

Projects (PMIS)

The PMIS has been designed to track and monitor the progress of on-going and upcoming NHA projects in respect of ‘Achieved vs. planned ‘ status. It enables NHA management to monitor cost, time, scope and quality of its projects and define the team. Moreover, it helps manage agreements and produce standard and custom reports and present vital signs on its dashboard.

Project Management Information System

Revenue (RMIS)

RMIS DSS dashboard gives the total revenue picture of NHA; generated by toll, police fine, weigh fine, ROW & others. It gives the budgeted, earned & collected revenue month wise, zone wise and road wise as per required.

Revenue Management Information System

Finance (FMIS)

The Main screen of FMIS Dashboard gives an overview of the allocations and expenditures for the current year (PSDP, Maintenance, Revenues Receipts and Establishment) FMIS can significantly improve the efficiency along with transparency & accountability.

Finance Management Information System